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New paper on assays in liquid plugs

Tiny liquid plugs are perfect containers for bioanalytical assays. We have used such nanoliter compartments to monitor biomolecular reactions in a time-resolved way. The results were recently published in Analytical Chemistry.

Our approach combines a reliable fluidic setup for plug generation and reagent dosing with sequential analysis of the reaction process in subsequent plugs.

This allows us to monitor the reactions at a resolution of about one second. The data can than be used to determine the entire kinetics of this reaction in one single run at minimal consumption of often costly reagents.

Our model reaction in this study was a sandwich immunoassay (cytokine IL-8) and the time-resolved analysis was validated by monitoring a cell-free in vitro expression reaction in plugs and conventionally in bulk solution.

DOI: 10.1021/ac401752j



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