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161124-hairy-surface.jpgWe are currently inviting applications for four PhD researchers.

One project deals with surfaces for anti-icing applications based on microstructured surfaces and surface coatings. This project is in collaboration with BASF within the framework of the JONAS network.

The second project is related to surface attached hydrogels and their use to direct biological cells on surfaces. This project is embedded in the IRTG Soft Matter Science.

The third project is addressing the development of capture and release surfaces for diketones out of beer. This project is in cooperation with an industry network. Starting in early fall.

The forth position: The fibrous structure of paper allows for the transport of aqueous solutions through capillary action. Thus, paper makes the generation of microfluidic devices possible, which do not require any pumps for fluid movement. However, despite huge efforts, as of today only rather simple diagnostic devices based on paperstrips have been realized. A main reason for this is that for paper-based diagostics even today a large number of very fundamental problems remain unsolved and strong losses of the sensitivity are observed when standard immunodiagnostic processes are transferred to paper-based devices. To address these problems it is proposed in this research project to modify the paper fibers with polymers, which are covalently attached to the fiber surface by C,H-insertion reactions. Starting in early fall.

Applicants must have a MSc or equal degree in Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science or related fields. Excellent skills in the domain of polymer science are expected. Experience in biomacromolecular chemistry (proteins, natural polymers) are an advantage for the hydrogel project. Enthusiasm for top-quality research and good oral and written English communication skills are a must.

We offer a research environment which stimulates highly interdisciplinary research in the fields of surface science, polymer chemistry and microsystems engineering.

Please send your complete documentation to Prof. Jürgen Rühe (email ruehe@imtek.de). The successful candidate is expected to start as early as possible.

For additional information about the position, please contact Dr. Oswald Prucker (prucker@imtek.de) or Dr. Thomas Brandstetter (brandstetter@imtek.de)


Date posted: 31. July 2018


General Information for Applicants

  • Ph.D. candidates must have a Diplom or Master's Degree in Chemistry, Biology, Physics or Microsystems Engineering. Good spoken and written English is required. Candidates from outside Germany should check  with the Faculty of Engineering (Dekanat/Dean's office) if their degree is accepted before applying for a Ph.D. position. Bachelor's degrees are usually not acceptable to go directly for your Ph.D. (you will need a Master's degree).
  • HiWi's should have finished their Vordiplom (or equivalent) in Chemistry, Microsystems Engineering or Biology.
  • Applications from Bachelor candidates and Master/Diploma Candidates from Biology, Chemistry or Microsystems Engineering are always welcome.
  • Applications including a CV and certificates should be sent electronically to Prof. Dr. Jürgen Rühe (ruehe@imtek.de). Further information is also available from Dr. Oswald Prucker (++49 761 203 7164, prucker@imtek.de)
  • Applications for Dr. Karen Lienkamp's Polymer Synthesis and Surface Engineering Group: Applicants of all levles (Hiwi, Bachelor/Master students, Ph.D. candidates, PostDocs) please follow the instructions on this form.


Date posted: 13.10.2015

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