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Introducing Kinetics of the mTOR signaling network

Celebrating a new collaborative project between CPI & University of Innsbruck

CPI has joined forces with Institute of Biochemistry at the University of Innsbruck on a new project focused on examining the wiring of the signaling network, mTOR (mammalian/ mechanistic target of rapamycin).

mTOR is a protein kinase which has many vitals roles in the body, namely it regulates the aging process and metabolism. Biomedical research is particularly interested in using mTOR as a drug target and biomarker to identify cancer cells and other disorders and diseases as mTOR can stimulate growth of dysregulated cells.  

However, because mTOR regulates both aging and metabolism that means that it is at the center of a complex signaling and metabolic network. In order to effectively predict and simulate how certain therapies (i.e. drug targets) would work in such complex intracellular systems, we rely on computer models. However, there is a need for greater data density so that computers can develop better models.

As such CPI aims to address this paucity of data by offering a microfluidic high throughput plug-based immunoassay in a sensitive and reproducible manner for quantifying proteins with minimal sample and reagent consumption.



Design of concept of the microfluidic platform: nanoliter droplets serves as reaction space for detecting proteins via sandwiching immunoassays on magnetic beads. 


To learn more about what our partners are working on, check out their site: https://metabolic-signaling.eu/

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