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Lecture Microsystems to the Nanoworld

Organisatorische Details

Art der Veranstaltung: Vorlesung im Diplomstudiengang, Vertiefungsrichtungen Materialien und Life Sciences
Umfang: 2 SWS
Ort und Zeit: SS 2008, thursdays 11-13 h, Rm. 101 01 018
Verantwortlich: Dr. Svetlana Santer
Übungen: none
Besonderheit: Vorlesung in Englischer Sprache

Description of the Course


  • What is nanotechnology?
  • The long way of science to nanotechnology and nanoengineering: a survey
  • The current aspects of nanoengineering: towards terabyte hard drives
  • Future aspects: Molecular motors and engines. Nano robots and nano machinery.



  • The physics governing properties of objects on the micro- and nano-scale
  • Principles of manufacturing nanometer scale devices
    • Nature's strategy: biomotors based on proteins - something the human body already does
    • Top-down approach: miniaturization of macro-world principles to ever smaller scales
    • Bottom-up strategy: from synthesizing simple compounds consisting of a few atoms to nanoengines
  • Examples of man-made nanostructures
  • Properties of novel materials
  • Strategies for visualization and object handling in the nano world
    • Scanning probe microscopy (SPM)
    • Scanning tunnelling microscopy (STM)
    • Scanning electro microscopy (SEM)



  • From Micro to Nano: what's different
  • Physical and societal limits of nano engineering



Details and materials are provided through the ILIAS e-learning plattform. You will need your University credentials a link to the page and a course password. The link and the course password are available from prucker@imtek.de.

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