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Lecture Surface Coating Techniques

Organisatorial Details

Type of course: Lecture, MST or MSE master program, Concentrations "Materials"
Credits: 3 ECTS
Room and Time: Winter 2015/2016, Tue 10-12h, 101 01 018
Responsible: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Rühe, Dr. Oswald Prucker

Goal of this lecture

This lecture describes modern techniques for surface modification as often used in microsystems engineering. It tackles questions on the chemistry of the various approaches and discussion the advantages and shortcomings of a number of methods. Among the techniques presented are high energy surface oxidation techniques (chemical modification, flame treatment, corona discharge or plasma) as well as more elaborate approaches such as self-assembled monolayers. Special emphasis is given to the use of polymers for coatings.

Ilias E-Learning link

Details and materials are provided through the ILIAS e-learning plattform. You will need your University credentials a link to the page and a course password. The link and the course password are available from prucker@imtek.de.

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